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Insure Market is a consumer website that offers totally independent guides about insurance. The site is dedicated to informing our users as to what insurance is, what it covers, whether you need it, and the best deals available to help you save money if you do.

We’re all bamboozled by insurance terminology, comparison sites and advertisements every day. We aim to help you see clearly and make informed decisions on what’s best for you. With so many products on the market, consumers often purchase insurance when they’re already covered with other policies or products included in their bank accounts. Using our team’s vast industry experience, we aim to fight back for the consumer to get the best deals and save you money.

Insure Market has a team that is dedicated to making insurance easier to understand.

“After reading an article about car insurance on the Insure Market website, I managed to reduce my policy cost by £90. There’s a lot of advice out there but I like the fact that they give you the information and tools to make the decision yourself. Thanks IM.”

Paula Davies – Royal Leamington Spa

Questions & Answers

Is Insure Market truly independent?

100%. We are focussed on helping educate and inform our users so they can make better informed decisions themselves. If we were owned by an insurance company, partnered with one, or received income from one, we simply couldn’t offer you an unbiased view of the market. Our website users are our sole priority, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back!

How can you afford to run the website if you’re independent?

Throughout the website you may see adverts from relevant services. If you chose to click on the adverts then we receive a small kickback. These adverts are determined by Google and are not endorsed by Insure Market. The way we see it, is by reading through the information on our site and empowering yourself to make better decisions, you can then click on one of these adverts and take advantage of any offers or deals that may be displayed.

How qualified are the Insure Market team to give advice?

Our management team have over 30 years experience within the insurance sector in the UK. We use this knowledge to train our research teams, who then pass their learnings and insights to you. Our training process is quite intense and detailed, as we want to ensure you get the very best information.

where are you located?

Our office is based in Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with us please email us at:

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